Studio 3 Reflection

This trimester I feel like I have made significant progress in improving my skills in many areas of my craft. I have also discovered there is a lot left to learn, so in this blog I will be reflecting on areas I want to improve in the future and how I will go about achieving this.


This tri I briefly touched on the subject of sculpting in Z brush when I made a tree stump for the World Builders project. I really liked the result this technique produced as compared to simply modelling in 3DS Max. Although, Z brush was a very alien program to me and I merely scratched the surface in what I could do with it. Ultimately I’d love to be able to sculpt a character in the program so to do that I first need a better grasp on the basics. Below are a few tutorials I aim to use to help my learning in this area.

Creating Realistic Textures

Another new area I looked into recently has been different texture maps and using Substance Painter to create more realistic objects. This studio I have focused a lot on hand painted textures for cartoony characters, so now I’d like to get better at realism more suited for games. I’ve already found a few tutorials that focus on this and I would like to practice texturing some smaller non-organic models to train my skills.


This is an area I definitely want to improve on and will be working on in the holidays. I am going to be rigging the characters for our final project in Maya, and the rig needs to be suitable to bring into Unreal Engine. Over my break I will be more extensively researching and practicing this but to start off with I have a few tutorials which I will look into.



Cross-Discipline: Snöfyr

For my cross-discipline work I decided to work with a Studio 1 games group, on their comedic, Swedish-themed game ‘Snöfyr’. I thought the idea for their game was very fun, the premise for the game is as follows;

‘The lighthouse is frozen and must be uncovered in order for it to function. The kids throw themselves down the mountain and become snowballs gaining size to smash into the lighthouse and uncover the ice.’

It’s a three player game where everyone takes turn to roll themselves down the hill, trying to pick up as much debris and speed as possible before reaching the lighthouse at the bottom. The art style the games students requested was a simple low poly with hand painted textures using mostly flat colours.

To stay organised our team used a google docs spreadsheet to keep track of our assets and when they needed to be completed by.


I volunteered to do the characters and penguins, as these where more organic assets I made some quick model sheets before I started modelling.

Kid concept


Here are all my modeled and textured assets I made for the game.

kidspenguinhousesnow tree

And you can view them on sketchfab here:

As well as modelling I also did a bit of animation for the playable character! This was good for me as I didn’t really know how to export animations for games which required a bit of research to get them to work in the engine. Below are the final animations exported from 3DS Max.

<p><a href=”″>Snow Kid Animation set</a> from <a href=”″>Brooke Willis</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>